We are committed to the safety of your personal, company, and financial information…

How is my information collected and transmitted?

All of your personal, company, and financial information is collected through the online version of our Merchant Account Application. You access the online application via a SSL secured and encrypted connection provided by Thawte, one of the leaders in Internet security. As you enter information into the application and go from page to page your information is kept on your local machine. When you use the “Save My Application” feature or you complete all the application forms your data is transmitted across the Internet, via the same SSL secured connection, to our servers.

How is my information stored and used?

When your application data is submitted to us it is stored in our secure back-end database. The information that we collect is used to prepare and generate your application documents. The online application was created to alleviate the burden applicants faced when having to fill in cumbersome and confusing paper forms. These documents, once created, are made available to you as Adobe Acrobat PDF files so that you may print them, sign them, and return them to us either by mail or fax.

Who is given or has access to my information?

Only persons and companies directly involved in the setup of your merchant account have access to or are given the information you have provided. We do not sell or make your data accessible to any party that lies outside the scope of setting up your merchant account.

How do I access my information?

Upon saving or completing the online application you will receive an email, at an address that you designate, which will provide instructions on recovering, viewing, and downloading your application data and documents.

For any concerns or requests, you can contact us anytime at:

Card Payment Solutions
514 A Second Loop Road, Florence, SC. 29505

Are users of the system tracked? Do you use cookies?

Users of the online application are assigned a session ID and are tracked by this ID for the purpose of making sure the data they enter is assigned to the proper applicant when they save or complete the application. This one ID is stored in a temporary cookie that exists while browser is open.

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