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Accept Customer Checks
with Confidence

Stop limiting your sales opportunities and start accepting checks again with check authorizaiton services from TeleCheck and Card Payment Solutions.  Identify and refuse potentially risky checks while accepting authorized checks from genuine customers.  Avoid lost profits due to bad checks and blanket check refusals with TeleCheck and Card Payment Solutions.

Safely Accept Checks Again

Avoid accepting bad checks with check authorization services from TeleCheck.  While many businesses have stopped accepting checks in an effort to avoid fraudulent transactions, this reduces flexibility for genuine customers that still prefer writing checks over using credit and debit cards.

With TeleCheck check authorization services provided by Card Payment Solutions, merchants can scan checks to capture banking information and compare it to system data coupled with a risk assessment to approve or deny a check.  If the check is approved, the customer signs a receipt, similar to a credit card transaction.  Funds are transferred in 1 -2 business days.

Maximize Your Sales

TeleCheck check authorization adds additional options for payment with less risk:

  • Reduce acceptance of bad checks with TeleCheck's risk assessment and approval.
  • Offer more flexibility to customers in how they pay for purchases, boosting sales.
  • Limit opportunities for fraudulent activity, such as identify theft and forgery.

Customer Protection

Check authorization from TeleCheck protects businesses and their customers:

  • Authorization is done through a secure system and customers sign the receipt. 
  • Check authorization helps identify fraud, such as identity theft and counterfeiting.
  • TeleCheck provides support for businesses and their customers.

Auto-draft Checks

Collecting and depositing checks is painless and efficient with TeleCheck:

  • Approved checks are automatically deposited into your business account.
  • Processing is quick, with most transactions completed in 1-2 days.
  • Cut out deposit slips and waiting in long lines at the bank.

Change the Way Your Business Processes Purchases.

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