ATM Solutions

Generate profit from ATM usage & cash sales

ATMs provide customers with greater flexibility in how they purchase goods and services, and gives you another means of earning profit through fees collected from customers when they use your ATM to withdraw cash and make a purchase in your store or restaurant.

More Ways to Pay and Profit

ATMs can boost your business' profitability by providing your customers with the option to withdraw cash to make purchases.  For customers that need cash, this may be a preferable alternative to searching out a bank ATM, and earns you a percentage when they use your ATM to check their balance and withdraw funds.

And you don't have to worry about managing your ATM.  Card Payment Solutions installs and maintains your ATM by loading, making repairs, cleaning, and other maintenance needs so you can focus on making sales.

Earn Passive Income

ATMs provide businesses a way to earn money on transactions:

  • Earn a percentage of the fees when customers use the ATM.
  • Enable customers the ability to make purchases with cash.

Worry-free Maintenance

Provide the ATM service without worrying about maintenance:

  • Card Payment Solutions sets up your ATM for proper operation. 
  • We manage all loading, maintenance, and cleaning of your machine.

Change the Way Your Business Processes Purchases.

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