Customer Engagement

Build lasting relationships with your customers

Stay engaged with your customers and promote lasting loyalty with customer engagement solutions from Card Payment Solutions.  Use email marketing to advertise the latest promotions, track analytics, and maximize sales with customer intelligence and loyalty reward programs.

Win Customers for a Lifetime

Businesses that succeed don't just focus on today's sales, they foster strong relationships that keep customers coming back, sometimes for generations. 

To achieve this kind of success and dedication to your brand, you must not only offer quality products and good customer service, you must make your customers excited about your business, and motivated to share their experience with others.  Reward them for their loyalty, and you will be rewarded with their business for years to come.

Card Payment Solutions offers businesses a way to incentivize customer loyalty and attract new sales.  With customer engagement solutions, you're not just making sales from customers, you're making memories.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Give your customers a little something extra with loyalty rewards and gift cards:

  • Encourage repeat sales so customers can accumulate points towards rewards.
  • Show customer appreciation with discounts and perks for repeat customers.
  • Provide gift cards to generate sales and connect with new customers.

Email Marketing

Stay in contact with customers and advertise new promotions:

  • Build email marketing campaigns using intuitive, easy-to-use marketing tools. 
  • Use actionable data from analytics based on customer interaction with your emails.
  • Advertise deals and offer discounts to targeted email recipients, boosting sales.

Customer Intelligence

Gain actionable insights from customer engagement to grow your business:

  • Learn about your customer base and how to appeal to them to foster brand loyalty.
  • Create a space for customer reviews and respond to them in real-time.
  • Identify new trends and capitalize on what's popular for more sales.

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